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Issue 33 - The Deadlands: Print

Issue 33 - The Deadlands: Print

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A dance across time, the devastating effects of an eclipse, an obituary in an online archive, the stain of strawberries, ghosts we do not want to see but cannot help walking alongside, the passing of a mentor, the passing of a city, a song that rips a soul, arrivals in meteor showers and broken spacecraft, or in panicked birds clasped inside our chests.

Issue 33 of The Deadlands contains six stories, four poems, and one piece of nonfiction.

This print edition can only be shipped to the US, we are very sorry about this (but international shipping is wild...)

Here's the Table of Contents for Issue 33:

Threnody in Dark Wood, Avra Margariti (fiction)

Earth as Eidolon, Alexander Atreya (poetry)

The Glass Sarcophagus, Tiffany Morris (fiction)

Inferno guts Manila, Mark Cunanan (poetry)

Auspicium, Diana Dima (fiction)

Your Body Conquers Death, Sophia-Maria Nicolopoulos (nonfiction)

Symphony of the World's Roots, Damían Neri (fiction)

Mourning Person, Anuja Mitra (poetry)

Totality, Brandi Sperry (fiction)

Your Sword, Your Trumpet, Anjali Patel (fiction)

For Kristen, Who Would Have Turned 47 Today, Melissa Frederick (poetry)

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