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Ferryman's Coin 2023

Ferryman's Coin 2023

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Don't be caught without a coin to pay the Ferryman.

This (very) limited edition challenge coin will ensure your safe passage across the waters of the underworld to your final resting place when the times comes.

One side features a bee with skull markings on its back and the text "Admit One," while the reverse features the tree of The Deadlands with the words "Memento Mori" and "The Deadlands 2023" around it. 

The coins are heavy, well-made, and are meant to be carried with you always to remind you that one day you must die.

Coins are also individually numbered. Once all the coins have been sold, we will hold special drawings in the future to give away one-off gifts, cool experiences, and other fun things. 

We may also carry limited swag with us at conventions and give them to people with a Ferryman's Coin.

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